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ULKOX® OLE is a hydrogel presented in a conical tube with an integrated cannula which contains Fucocert® (polysaccharide) and glycerine as moisturizers, as well as Olea europaea leaf extract, included because of its antioxidant properties. The presence of Carbopol 980® provides an isolating and protective barrier for the ulcer bed.
Clinical and Translational Allergy20111:5  
Tasectan® is a medical device used to restore the physiological function of the intestinal walls. It is specifically formulated to control and reduce the symptoms associated with diarrhea resulting from various causes, such as abdominal tension and frequent defecation. It is effective within 12 hours.
Cell Press, Volume 34, Issue 6, p483–495, June 2016  
We are pleased to announce that we are expanding the international coverage of our products thanks to the recent signature of agreements with both new and loyal partners.  These new partnerships further enable us to spread our global footprint. Soon you will be able to find our products in the following territories: Ukraine - Utipro® Plus (PHARM. FABRIK MONTAVIT GmbH)
Available studies suggest that omega-3 PUFAs exert pleiotropic effects on cognitive decline, mood, the cardiovascular system, bone and muscle health, vascular endothelium, and immune function.
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XILAPLUS® AF: The medical device is intended to restore the physiological functions of the intestinal walls, specifically formulated for the control and reduction of the symptoms related to diarrheal events of different aetiologies, such as abdominal tension and frequent emission of faeces.
We are happy to inform that Utipro® Plus AF is ready to land in Central Asia thanks to its very recent registration in Kazakhstan. All evidence supporting the product has been evaluated by the Kazakh Ministry of Health who validated the CE certification of the product and accepted its medical device status, thus allowing its introduction in the local market as such.