"The experience of APOTHEKE LABORATORIOS with the treatment received by the different NOVENTURE departments can be summed up in a single word: EXCELLENT. It is not easy to be able to define relationships with a laboratory in this way, since there are countless people involved and it is not always easy for all the staff to align themselves in the treatment, dedication and efficiency with a client within a structure. In this case, we can say that NOVENTURE has a fully committed human team dedicated to dedication and efficiency. The predisposition to reach an agreement, providing ingenious solutions is the aspect that we highlight the most from the personnel involved within our organization".

Rafael Rivero

CEO at Apotheke Laboratorios, S.L.

"Tasectan and Tasectan DUO fit in our corporate strategy and offer us thanks to their unique mode of action permanent growth although the entire diarrhea market is declining. They bring to our clients and consumers new alternatives in the treatment of diarrhea and work very well in adults and children.  The efficacy of Tasectan in children is documented by a sufficient number of studies. This is not common for a medical device and it helps us to present it as a credible product both to health professionals and the general public. And it’s not just about uniqueness of Tasectan itself, but about the great collaboration with the Noventure marketing team: it has always reacted very quickly and effectively to our questions and requirements"

Jana Těšínská

Product Manager at PharmaSwiss

"To find and access unique and innovative products, is one of the most important ways to secure a   successful path in a Pharmaceutical Company. In Noventure, we have found, for more than 15 years of collaboration, not only a trustworthy business partner, but a source of new ways to enrich our portfolio by being able to offer our patients quality and reliable products. Our negotiations have been fair and collaborative with their staff always available to help and solve problems.  Noventure is constantly looking for solutions and the best alternatives for parties involved.  We have found in them a true interest in making our business profitable by actively participating during and after the partnership process while respecting our freedom in the decision making process".

Valeria Langoni Güemez

Marketing Direction at Armstrong Laboratorios de México SA de CV

"Nice people good Business! It is always a pleasure to interact with Noventure persons at any level: good approach for the business, the right solution for any step of the process! We do collaborate for a common Goal"

Maristella Zurlo & Tiziana Melillo

Marketing Manager & Brand Manager at Zambon

"Bausch Health Poland Sp. z o.o. is a distributor of Tasectan on Polish market since 2012. I have an opportunity to cooperate with Noventure, S.L. since June ’20.  I do highly appreciate the cooperation with Noventure. I am confident of products’ high quality and effectiveness which has been proven in the clinical trials. Our customers appreciate the strong medical background standing behind them as they are sure they recommend to patients safe and effective products, even for very young kids. Noventure provides us also with marketing support which is based on the high understanding of the category and focus on consumer needs".

Wiktoria Stefanik

Brand Manager OTC at Bausch Health Poland Sp. z o.o.

"Pamex has been working with Noventure for nearly a year now and have had an exceptional experience.  Whether it is marketing, medical, regulatory, etc they are receptive, efficient & supportive. Their products and expertise are top class and you really feel you are part of a large family rather than a corporate partnership. We would unreservedly recommend Noventure as a perspective business alliance".

Cormac Kearney

General Manager at Pamex Ltd